Live production insights for neighbouring communities
& other stakeholders

Transparency of production data can be powerful for improving the social support of wind farm projects. Our mobile applications provide a great way for your wind farm to present itself and offer secure and clear insights in live and historical farm performance.
Download our applications for Westermeerwind, Gemini Wind Park and Windpark Krammer


Keep stakeholders up to date with news updates and an FAQ section. This can already be useful during the construction phase.


Show real-time insights of your production with animated visuals. The wind conditions and CO2 savings provide useful and engaging info.


Send push notifications for your major milestones to the community first. Ask for feedback through the contact form and like buttons.

Your identity

We design your application so it connects with your identity

Data connection

The applications can be connected to Breeze, Bazefield or directly to your SCADA interface

Usage statistics

Get insight in the usage of the app with analytics and direct feedback

Live & historical insights

The live and historical production of your wind farm is presented with attractive animations and clear graphs

Security & encryption

Historical data can be stored encrypted and the app can optionally be secured with PIN and fingerprint authentication

Farm information

Tell your story, add pictures, answer frequently asked questions and send news items to your audience

Jeppe & Marthijn - Wind Energy Hamburg 2016

About us

We started Live Megawatt to help initiatives of wind farm development acquire better social support of neighbouring communities and other interested partners. Together with Ventolines BV the first Live Megawatt application for the Dutch near-shore wind farm Westermeerwind was developed. Last year (2017) we launched the second application for Gemini Wind Park and this year we have publish another application for wind farm Krammer. Currently we are looking for more interested clients.

Our team consist of two TU Delft graduates from The Netherlands. Jeppe specialised on interaction design at the faculty of industrial design. Marthijn graduated in offshore wind energy engineering. We have been building websites and mobile applications together for over five years in several industries. We are confident that our knowledge and experience in both app development and wind energy is beneficial for your renewable energy project!

Other projects by us:

Professional mobile applications for business conferences and fairs.